3dsense Media School is a pioneering digital arts school, preparing students for careers in the media and entertainment industry for over 12 years. Dedicated to providing a real-world education, 3dsense aims to mold the next generation of elite digital artists and designers for the global industry. Graduates from our school have been gainfully employed in the biggest media and entertainment studios globally, from Oscar-winning feature films to AAA games. Ranked by the prestigious Rookies (formally the “Autodesk CG Student Awards) as the no.2 school of the year for Digital Illustration and no.4 school of the year for Next Gen Games.


Having faced the problem of purchasing good gaming gear whilst facing a tight budget as a student, Armaggeddon’s founding members embarked on a journey to develop The Ultimate Gaming Gear that was affordable and catered towards both casuals and pros. Through sheer dedication and focus in creating The Ultimate Gaming Gear, Team Armaggeddon found its bearings through constant involvement in the community and learning from the gamers their needs and wants whilst teaching regional teams and clans business and management skills so that they not only win in-game but also win in life.


ARTBLOVK GALLERY is dedicated to featuring the best of local and regional games, animation and comic artists. The 400sq ft event space is located in the historical upper barracks on Pearls Hill Terrace, a designated heritage building built in the colonial neo-classical style, overlooking the heart of Singapore’s historic Chinatown.

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia Pte Ltd., part of BANDAI NAMCO Holdings Inc., is a leading global publisher and developer of interactive content for all major video game consoles platforms and PC. The company is known for creating and publishing many of the industry’s top video game franchises, including PAC-MAN, Tekken, SOULCALIBUR, NARUTO, NARUTO SHIPPUDEN, Dragon Ball, GALAGA, RIDGE RACER and ACE COMBAT. More details to come.

Basheer Graphics is a Specialized Bookstore for design books and magazines related to Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Graphic Design, Animation, Product Design, Fashion Design, Art & Craft, Typography, and Photography.

The BEast of the East team is made up of skilled individuals who have international and extensive experience in both gaming and esports, and have come together with the goal of building up the esports ecosystem in Asia. We ourselves are gamers, and are very excited about the future of esports, where we see huge potential for aspiring professional gamers, game developers looking to push the longevity of your games, and brands who want to be a part of this exciting and ever-evolving industry. We are happy to talk about esports, so don’t be shy and get in touch!

Founded in early 2016, Critical Forge is a young indie studio with an old gaming soul. Based out of Jakarta, the small team has spent the last year working to create new worlds and multilayered experiences that will please old-school gamers around the world.

Cygames, Inc. is an acclaimed developer and operator of popular mobile games. Formed as a CyberAgent group company in May, 2011, Cygames always strives to provide the best in entertainment. The company’s first title, Shingeki no Bahamut (Rage of Bahamut), revolutionized mobile card games when it was released in September 2011. The company’s next ground-breaking adventure, Granblue Fantasy, expanded the possibilities of mobile gaming with an epic story featuring dozens of voice actors. In order to create the best content, Cygames puts fun first.

Doujin Market is Singapore’s largest community curated youth arts and illustration fair. The event celebrates doujin – fan communities passionate about creating art, the original and derivative fan works that they produce, and their aspirations for self-publishing comics, games, manga, music and stories. It takes place annually on the first weekend of May, in conjunction with World Doujin Day.

Freshly Pressed Socks
At Freshly Pressed, we believe that socks are like your secret identity. It’s that small detail and part of your outfit that reveals your hidden side to the world when called upon, a tinge of design and pattern with a shot of fresh colour when you sit down or take off your shoes.  All our socks are specially designed and crafted with small details that reflect a unique character and is inspired by our love for art, culture, design. Each pair of socks is named after a character with a story that is documented online and on a character card that comes with each pair of socks.

Grey Ogre Games is Singapore’s premier Magic: the Gathering store and event location! Founded in 2013, on the backbone of years of industry experience and a customer-oriented mantra, Grey Ogre Games is a name recognised by Magic: the Gathering players worldwide. Not at all a vanilla store, we specialise in extremely rare, hard-to-find, and high-end cards, while providing a welcoming setting for less seasoned players, backed by a strong new player outreach program.

Situated in the trendy Club Street district, and surrounded by great food, drink, and sights, Grey Ogre Games is your one-stop destination for all your Magic: the Gathering needs. Come shop from our extensive singles inventory, trade for missing pieces from your deck, or get great value from your collection. Can’t join us at one of the many events that we travel to/host this year? Check us out at Twitch, YouTube and at our website.

HADO Singapore
HADO is the first-ever eSports based on wearable devices and AR technology using head mount displays and motion sensors, and just like real-life sports, players don’t need to be connected by cables and restricted to being in front of a screen.

Kinetiquettes was founded by a group of enthusiastic individuals, passionate about figurines and collectibles. The team has over 40 years of combined experience in the video games and animation industry. Due to the nature of their work experience, they aim to introduce highly artistic and dynamic collectible statues unlike anything introduced in the market before. Currently an official partner of Capcom and Warner Brothers producing high end products of Street Fighter and Thundercats respectively.

Magic: The Gathering® is the world’s best strategy trading card game with more than 20 million fans and players worldwide. Beyond the trading card game, the franchise has extended onto digital platforms including Magic: The Gathering Online® for PC.

MINTSPHERE is a collaborative work of talented people aiming for unique, lovingly crafted games to inspire everyone. We are based in Asia and currently focuses on Flash-powered browser games and mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, and even non-smart phones!

MosStudio Pte Ltd
Started in 2015 by Massimo Mercurio, MOS Studio is the result of many disciplines merging together to coalesce into the mobile gaming studio. The experience of years dedicated to project management, building, design, and construction, and art creation meets the enthusiasm for the gaming world in an unusual integrated solution that celebrates creativity and quality. At MOS Studio, we are dedicated to designing and producing games on the iOS and Android platforms that are both entertaining and enriching with the greater purpose of exploring new boundaries and delivering a better gaming experience.

The Neo Tokyo Project (NTP) is more than just a digital repository for cosplay, conventions and pop-culture. It’s an events and marketing start-up helmed by a team of media practitioners who are also cosplayers, costume creators and hardcore gamers with a penchant for all things geek in sunny Singapore.

At No Average Joe (NAJ), they believe in the power of great storytelling. As a creative production house comprising a flock of passionate craftsmen, they band together to bring your stories to life. Through motion and stills, NAJ creates original and commissioned content across a diverse range of industries. They are equipped with the resources and know-how to originate ideas and handle all aspects of production. They’re your one-stop creative shop… and then some.

Recognized as a global leader in interactive and digital entertainment, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) is responsible for the PlayStation® brand and family of products and services. PlayStation has delivered innovation to the market since the launch of the original PlayStation in Japan in 1994. The PlayStation family of products and services include PlayStation®4, PlayStation®VR, PlayStation®Vita, PlayStation®3, PlayStation®Store, PlayStation®Plus, PlayStation™Video, PlayStation™Music, PlayStation™Now, PlayStation™Vue, PlayStation®Original and acclaimed PlayStation software titles from SIE Worldwide Studios. Headquartered in San Mateo, California, SIE is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation and has global functions and regional headquarters in California, London and Tokyo.

Established and founded in January 2017 by 5 individuals., RedRain Game Studio is a small indie company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The studio focuses on Game Development, Arts, and Game Assets.  Tiles Of Waktu is the first game developed by RedRain and had been selected in GamePrime 2017, the game also won a Citizen Choice Award in GamePrime 2017. They are currently working on improving Tiles of Waktu, with future titles Tiles Of Dadu and Tiles Of Kartu to come in the future.

SEAM 2017 
South East Asia Major (SEAM) 2017 is Southeast Asia’s largest fighting game tournament, and will be taking place once again at GameStart 2017 in Singapore.

Secretlab is a proudly Singaporean company that is fully dedicated to creating the ultimate seating experience. It produces highly-rated chairs that keep people comfortable over long hours of usage at the desk.


Taipei Computer Association (TCA), established in 1974, is the leading industrial organization in Taiwan. Its 4,000 members engages various fields such as software, hardware, semiconductors and components, manufacture, sales, network communication service, etc., thereby generating over 80% of the total production value of Taiwan’s Information Communication Technology (ICT). TCA offices are located in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung as well as overseas offices in China, Japan and India.

Toge Productions is an indie game developer and publisher from Indonesia. Estabilished in 2009, the studio is most famous for the Infectonator series and recently expanded themselves to game publishing with a mission to bring Indonesian indie games to global market. We grow games that you can enjoy!

Xmashed Gear is made up of pretty much one guy, Zhou Xuanming. Disgusted by the utter lack of witty and clever geeky tees available in his island home of Singapore, he set up this webstore in hopes of alleviating his gamer brethen from the throes of the mundane and the routine. True to that vision, every piece you find in this store arrived here after meticulous scrutiny and deliberate selection from thousands of designs found all over the world.